The lab for IoT technologies

XPlab is the space where we push innovation boundaries and develop new ideas and projects that are not necessarily related to a software per se, but something more hands-on. We design sensors, we create new e-devices and we experiment with the Internet of Things. We research different technologies by developing new appliances that are tested and implemented, and we debug hardware and firmware to constantly stretch our comfort zone in advanced applied science.

Smart Indoor Localization in museums

Based on UWB (Ultra-wideband) technology, our Smart Indoor Localization system currently finds application in providing customized content and tracking visitors at museums. Based on the person’s profile and interests, this type of technology - funded by the EU project VITAE, should give tailored information on the tablet the visitor is using during their experience. At the same, time exhibition curators gather important information about visitors and their preferences and movements during their visits.

Smart Indoor Localization in sports

The same UWB technology can find application with a more general and universal approach, which we are currently expanding to indoor sports. Tracking athletes’ movements, vitals and performance both during training and in a competition has increasingly become a requirement in professional sports. UWB guarantees centimeter-accuracy to measure athlete’s work and help improve their performance.


With the need for purified and sanitized environments developed in the last few years, we developed an air sterilization system. Patented by ESTECO, the system can be installed in tubes to destroy all viruses and bacteria. The system, made by a mechanical and an electronic part, can be easily inserted in an air pipeline such as air conditioning duct, and the electronic component made by a UVC led, can kill viruses and bacteria.


There are some components which are very important throughout our research and development work: sensors. We develop sensors to measure different types of activities, from positioning to frequency, from temperature to pressure waves ultrasounds. All these sensors can be joined in one portable device that gives information to track activities and provides an IoT vertical solution focused on solving a specific problem.

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